About the “Collection”

SSG Page Piece

“The SEKOTS studios Collection of Original Comic & Cartoon Art” is much more than just doodles on paper, costumed heroes and villains, funny animals, or simply pieces of artwork available for purchase.

Consideration for inclusion in “The SEKOTS studios Collection” requires that each and every work of art is personally examined, extensively researched, and professionally appraised before, during, and after the acquisition process.

This presentation provides reference and educational material intended for both the novice and the advanced collector alike.

With over 25 years experience or “Specializing In Cartoon Graphics Since 1987”, The SEKOTS studios Collection encompasses both comic book and comic strip art from the platinum-age to present.

This diverse collection includes examples from pioneering cartoonists Palmer Cox, Thomas Aloysius “TAD” Dorgan, Samuel D. Ehrhart, Walter C. Hoban, Franklin Morris “F.M.” Howarth, Charles William “C.W.” Kahles, Walt McDougall, Frederick Burr “F.B.” Opper, Charles Jay “C.J.” Taylor, Charles A. Voight, and Harold Tucker “H.T.” Webster.

Classic comic strip artists such as Paul F. Berdanier, Walter Berndt, Wally Bishop, Merrill Blosser, Lame Bode, Marvin Bradley, Martin Branner, Robert Moore “R.M.” Brinkerhoff, Faith Burrows, Jack Callahan, Dick Cavalli, John Celardo, Dale Conner, Mel Cummin, Bill Dwyer, Carl Ed, Jack Elrod, Henry Formhals, Hal Forrest, Gilbert “Gil” Fox, Roy Fox, Dave Graue, Carl Grubert, Irwin Hasen, Jeff Hayes, Dan Heilman, Frank Hill, Ferd Johnson, Herbert Johnson, Lynn Johnston, Ralston Jones, Hank Ketcham, Bil Keane, Woody Kimbrell, Frank King, Harold LeDoux, Sam Leff, Lank Leonard, John Liney, Stanley Link, Fran Matera, Arthur “Pop” Momand, Winslow “Win” Mortimer, Zack Mosley, Steve Mufatti, Ed Nofziger, Bill Perry, Charles Plumb, Paul Robinson, Rod Ruth, Charles Skiles, Al Smith, Russell Stamm, Leonard Starr, John Striebel, Ben Templeton, Buford Tune, Leslie Turner, Morrie Turner, Harry Tuthill, Raeburn Van Buren, Morris Weiss, Russ Westover, and George Wunder.

Legends of the comic book industry, its Modern Masters and Today’s Superstars, including Ross Andru, Terry Austin, Dick Ayers, Darryl Banks, Joe Bennett, Pat Broderick, John and Sal Buscema, Kevin Conrad, Jose Delbo, Will Eisner, Mike Esposito, Al Fago, Stan Goldberg, Dave Hoover, Malcolm Jones III, Warren Kremer, Greg Larocque, Will Meugniot, Paul Pelletier, Larry Leon “SLICK” Schlekewy, Jr., Bob Smith, Romeo Tanghal, Herb Trimpe, and Chuck Wozniak.

Fine art from Carl Hantman, Uldis Klavins, Ser Leone, and Fred Oakley.

Within The SEKOTS Studios Collection you will find not only comic book and comic strip art, but also magazine cartoons, sketches, illustrations, paintings, and much, much more.

Please, enjoy your visit and “Thanks” for looking.



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