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A few examples of Original Comic Book Art Covers
from The SEKOTS studios Collection of Original Comic & Cartoon Art

Ringo Kid #4 - Cover

ringo kid 4 small

ringo kid 23

Ringo Kid, The #4 (vol. 2) (Marvel Comics, July 1970), Cover (Bronze-Age)

Nice “Bronze-Age” Original Cover Art featuring a full-figure image of The Ringo Kid in gun-slinging action atop his white horse, Arab. Marvel Comics “The Ringo Kid” Vol. 2 ran for 30 issues from January 1970 until November 1976. Herb Trimpe (May 26, 1939 – ), best known as the “definitive” Hulk artist, drew eight covers for the series of which issue #4 was his first. This image, again used for issue #4, has the unique distinction of being used again later in the series as the cover for issue #23. Other covers in this series rendered by Mr. Trimpe include issues 5, 6, 7 (also used again, this time for issue #30), 8, 9, 10, and 11. This piece was acquired from Mr. Trimpe himself who was also kind enough to sign this incredible piece of comic history. Herb Trimpe pencils & inks.

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Super Mouse #29 - Cover

Super Mouse #29

Super Mouse #29 (Nedor/Standard Comics, February 1954) Cover (Atom-Age)

Original “Large Art” cover from the “Atom-Age“ features the title character, Super Mouse, the villain Terrible Tom, and a Christmas theme. VERY RARE! Art attributed to Al Fago (Heritage Auctions).

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Little Max #51 - Cover

CB - Little Max #51

Little Max #51 (Harvey Comics, February 1958) Cover (Silver-Age)

Little Max finds the perfect solution to avoid the tears associated with onion peeling. Great “Silver-Age” original cover art depicting a nice large full-figure image of the title character. Rendered on 7 ¼” X 10 ¼” illustration board, title lettering is a stat. Art by Warren Kremer (attrib).

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Captain Atom #18 - Cover

Captain Atom #18

Captain Atom #18 (DC Comics, August 1988) Cover (Copper-Age)

A nice “Copper-Age” cover featuring a great head and shoulders image of an angry Captain Atom ripping apart a photo of General Wade Eiling. Art by Pat Broderick (pencils) and Bob Smith (inks). Signed by Pat Broderick, bottom center of art.

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Jughead's Double Digest #42 - Cover

jdd 42

Jughead’s Double Digest #42 (Archie Comics, February 1997) Cover (Modern-Age)

Original cover art featuring full-figure images of Betty, Veronica, and Archie. A waist-up image of Jughead appears in the foreground. Top and side title logos, header text, and upc code box are all intact and the original stat paste-ups. Rendered by Stan Goldberg (pencils) with Mike Esposito inks.

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Mille the Model Queen-Size Ann #9 - Cover

Millie the Model Queen-Size Ann #9

Millie the Model Queen-Size Special #9 (Marvel Comics, 1970), Cover (Bronze-Age)

Millie in a bikini. Nuff said? Art by Stan Goldberg.

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Blackhawk Annual #1 - Cover

Blackhawk Annual #1

Blackhawk Annual #1 (DC Comics, 1989) Cover (Copper-Age)

A very nice “Copper-Age” cover with RARE inks by Malcolm Jones, III and art work filling the entire page. This piece features a nice full-figure rendition of Blackhawk engaged in “hand-to-hand” combat with a femme fatale. Pencils by Chris Wozniak.

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Vanity #1 - Cover


Vanity #1 (Pacific Comics, June 1984) Cover (Copper-Age)

In 1984, Pacific Comics released Vanity. Created by Will Meugniot, and lasting only two issues, her future was cut short due to the now defunct publishers financial woes. Here is the original cover art for the very first issue of Vanity featuring an awesome full-figure image of the title character in costume with a nice montage depicting scenes from her origin in the background. Despite securing the talents of comic book greats Adams, Corben, Grell, Kirby, Wrightson, and others… Pacific Comics contribution to comicdom resulted in just 33 titles and approximately 103 total books. Mr. Meugniot produced just 41 covers during his career in comics for publishers Eclipse, Antarctic Press, AC, Atlantic Forlag, Fantagraphics, Bladkompaniet AS, and Pacific Comics. As for Vanity, to date, there have been just 2 covers and 40 pages of Vanity art published (18 pages and a cover for each issue of Vanity, and a four page preview appearing in Pacific Presents #3). Though unpublished, the original cover art intended for Vanity #3 does exist.  Quite possibly the most recognized work by Will Meugniot, this is without question the most desirable piece of Vanity art available.

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March of Comics #249 - CoverMarch of Comics #249

March of Comics #249 (K.K. Publishing, July 1963) Cover (Silver-Age)

From the Silver-Age, here is the original cover art for March of Comics #249 featuring Woody Woodpecker. March of Comics was a long-running comic book series published by Western Publishing. 488 issues were published from 1946 to 1982. Produced as a “giveaway” premium and then sold to vendors who would stamp their name on it (or arrange for their logo to be printed on the cover) and given away to patrons who shopped their store. A prominent outlet for the series was through shoe departments at Sears stores. No publisher logo was on the cover. It was published under Western’s “K.K. Publishing” subsidiary through the mid-1960s, then by just Western. Many of the characters published by Western for Dell Comics and their own Gold Key Comics, both licensed and original, appeared in the comic. Characters published included Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and Walter Lantz Studio characters, along with Tarzan, Our Gang, Little Lulu, and Western’s own Turok and Space Family Robinson. Artist unknown.

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Little Iodine #50 - Cover

Little Iodine #50

Little Iodine #50 (Dell Comics, October 1960) Cover (Silver-Age)

A very nice “Silver-Age” cover featuring a full-figure image of the title character seen putting roller skates on a dachshund. The artist on Dell’s “Little Iodine” comic books is most likely Al Scaduto, Hatlo’s longtime assistant and successor on the strip. Hy Eisman did draw Iodine, but only after Scaduto left in 1966.

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Baby Huey and Papa 20 - Cover Art photo A

Baby Huey and Papa 20 - Published Cover A

Baby Huey and Papa #20 (Harvey Comics, November 1965) Cover (Silver-Age)

Great “Silver-Age” original cover art depicting a nice large full-figure images of both title characters. Art by Warren Kremer (attrib).

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The SEKOTS studios Collection of Original Comic & Cartoon Art is maintained by curator Dennis J. Stokes. All contents compiled and copyright 2013 by SEKOTS studios. All artwork and images are copyright of their respective copyright owners.

SSG Page Piece


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