A few examples of Original Comic Strip Art Sketches
from The SEKOTS studios Collection of Original Comic & Cartoon Art

alley oop

Dave Graue - Alley Oop sketch

“Alley Oop“ – Sketch by Dave Graue (1926 – 2001) 

A nice handwritten note and personalized sketch of Alley Oop by the comic strip’s artist David Graue. Ink on paper dated April 20, 1998.

herbert johnson

Herbert Johnson - sketch

“Sketch” by Herbert Johnson (1878 – 1946)

From the Platinum-Age, here is a nice pencil sketch on paper dated February 9, 1913. A rare example from the early days of Mr. Johnson’s career.

for better or for worse

Lynn Johnston - For Better or For Worse sketch

“For Better or For Worse” – Sketch & TSL by Lynn Johnston (May 28, 1947 – )

Lynn Johnston personalized “TSL” (typed and signed letter) dated June 23, 1998 with an original drawing. Rendered in ink, on the comic strip’s official “Just A Quick Note” stationary. Nice headshot sketch of the “For Better Or For Worse” cast by the strip’s creator Lynn Johnston.

palmer cox

PC - drawing and envelope 2

“Sketch” by Palmer Cox (1840 – 1924)

From the Platinum-Age, here is a nice pen and ink sketch by Palmer Cox of his Brownies character Uncle Sam. A rare example from a pioneering cartoonist.


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